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To provide what is truly good

At Celine, we consistently provide our customers with the best -tasting fruits of the highest quality. Expensive fruits are large and satisfying. But does the price translate directly into how delicious a fruit is? We don’t know until we eat them and compare. We want our customers to taste fruits that are the highest in quality, not necessarily fruits that are expensive. That is why we source fruits that are not on the market, directly from the growers. Then, we ponder over how we can present the fruits and balance them for the most delicious experience.

Taste and beauty—we insist on both.

Did you know that each fruit is assigned a grade? Grades are not visible once fruits are in a store, but fruits are shipped in boxes that indicate a grade for gauging their size or appearance. At Celine, we pay attention the appearance in addition to the taste to make sure we also delight visually.

At Celine, we value the beauty and taste of fruits.

We want our customers to experience how wonderful and beautiful a fruit can be, and we only use fruits rated “tokushu”―the premium grade. We are committed to serving carefully- selected fruits specialized for taste, color, shape, size, freshness, and sugar content, so that beauty and taste can be enjoyed together. Enjoy the fruits for yourself or as a gift. Our collection features gems that serve well as presents.

Growers grew them with care.
We handle them with care.

Growers took care of the fruits like their own children. They infused so much love into the fruits that it was bittersweet to let them go. Their love made each one delicious―, rich in flavor, aroma, and texture. We want to bring such fruits directly to you. We meet growers face-to-face and we ourselves learn to fully appreciate how delicious the fruits are. That is why we can bring this deliciousness to you-what we saw with our eyes, felt with our hands, experienced with our honed palate . We deliver them to you on behalf of the growers.

So that you can enjoy fruits that have been closely watched over and cultivated by a grower, savoring the splendor of each individual piece.

Enjoy what is truly good
in an atmosphere it deserves.

We feature a menu and an interior that impact all your senses, including taste and sight. We offer a wide selection of items that let you fully appreciate fruits, including our top-selling seasonal fruit parfait, which use generous portions of fruits, and our grand menu items, with fruits that change with the four seasons.