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Privacy Policy


Fruits Shop Celine Misono (hereinafter “we”) consider the trust of our customers as a priority and believe that handling personal customer information accurately and confidentially is a duty important to us. To fulfill this duty, we have formulated our Privacy Policy concerning the personal information of customers and will continue to stress thoroughness to all our employees and related companies in their handling of personal information. Our policy is detailed below. As for personal information already held and used by us, such personal information of customers will also be handled according to this policy.

Handling of personal information

  1. (1)Obtaining personal information

    We will collect personal information in a legal and fair manner. When we ask customers to provide personal information, we will disclose in advance the purpose of collection and the details of use, and we will collect personal information within the justifiable scope of our business to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose.

  2. (2)Use and shared use of personal information

    We will use the personal information placed in our care within the scope consented to by the person providing the personal information and within the scope suitable for the purpose of collection. The utilization purpose is, of the “Scope of utilization purpose” below, matters that are necessary to achieve that purpose within the justifiable scope of our business.

    • ●Scope of utilization purpose

      • ・To contact the person in the course of business
      • ・To notify the person about our product or service
      • ・To respond to the customer’s inquiry or request
      • ・To fulfill another purpose that has been conveyed to the customer in advance and consented to
    • ●Uses not listed above

      Should a need arise to use a customer’s personal information for a purpose not listed above, we will ask the customer for consent for such use, except when permitted by law.

  3. (3)Providing personal information to third parties

    We will not provide the personal information of customers to a third party without the customer’s consent; provided, however, that this may not be the case should there be special circumstances such as a legal obligation placed upon us by laws applicable to personal information or other regulations.

  4. (4)Procedures for the disclosure, amendment, etc. of personal information

    A customer seeking to request the viewing, correction, or deletion of the personal information provided by the customer should contact the Point of Contact. When the request can be confirmed to be from the customer, the disclosure, correction, or deletion of the customer’s personal information will be carried out within a reasonable time frame unless there is a reason such as that the request would cause a notable disruption to our business activities.

  5. (5)Fees for the disclosure etc. of personal information

    We may ask the person requesting disclosure (who can be confirmed as the customer themselves) to bear a handling fee for processing the disclosure or the like, but in such cases, that fact would be made clear before before having the person bear the cost.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations,
and Codes Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

We comply with laws, regulations, and codes concerning personal information protection that apply to us and to personal information held by us. Further, the decisions of this policy are based on the laws and other codes of Japan. This policy sets out our basic policy concerning the handling of personal information, and we will follow this policy in striving to protect personal information based on laws, regulations, and codes including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Security Control Actions for Personal Information

We protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, and the like and we maintain a control system to ensure accuracy and security to carry out appropriate security measures. We restrict the entry of unrelated parties into the office handling personal information; educate and officers, employees, and all other staff involved in our personal information protection and promote awareness among them; and have appointed a controller to strive for the appropriate control of personal information.

Continuous Improvement

We will continuously review and implement improvements to our initiatives for personal information protection to respond to changes in the laws and regulations for compliance in Japan, changes in information handling, and changes in the environment.


Please direct inquiries concerning the handling of personal information to the Point of Contact below.

【Point of Contact for Handling of Personal Information】
≪Fruits Shop Celine Misono≫
1-4-16 Sakae, ForestX 1F D; Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi, 460-0008, Japan
TEL:052-228-2378  FAX:052-228-2379